About AutoSTAGE

Since 2007 AutoSTAGE has been present in the trade show, theater and event industry as a plug-in for Autodesk AutoCAD®. Our customers include:

  • Event technology service providers of all sizes
  • Design specialist consultancies
  • Event venues
  • Theatres
  • Trade show organizers and trade show companies
  • Many different kinds of educational institutions use AutoSTAGE for the training and further education of young professionals for trade show, theater and event technology

We work continuously and very dedicated to constantly develop the software to meet the needs and requirements of our customers. We see it as our goal to provide users with AutoSTAGE as a first-class software tool. This optimally supports our customers in solving assignments and requirements in all work processes. Today for many users AutoSTAGE is an indispensable tool in their daily work.

About us

Dipl. Ing. (FH) Jens Mueller (engineering graduate)

Jens Mueller is the chief developer of AutoSTAGE and founder as well as the CEO of the AutoSTAGE GmbH company.

The interest in light and lighting was triggered by his involvement as a "roadie" of a North German top forty band in the mid-nineties. His desire for professionalism led him to Hamburg in 1998 to the University of Applied Sciences. He successfully completed as an engineering graduate specializing in media technology in 2002.

During his studies also, the interest in event technology had not diminished.

He has many years of experience through his work as a lighting technician for various companies in the industry of event technology.  During this activity, he increasingly took on the role of a technical planner.

After completion of his studies, he continued with freelance work as a lighting technician, operator, technical planner and project manager in event technology at home and abroad. In 2004 he summarized his technical expertise in the handbook of lighting technology, which is now in the 6th edition and is considered a standard work and compendium for experts in lighting and event technology.

CAD planning with AutoSTAGE since 2007

In order to assist with the planning of lights and lighting, Jens Mueller looked at various software tools during his studies and finally discovered AutoCAD® as a professional CAD application for drawing and planning. He quickly developed his own plug-ins for AutoCAD®, which are specially tailored to the event technology. This made work easier, more productive and at the same time less expensive. Projects could thus be carried out efficiently and successfully.

Jens Mueller immediately realized that other people in the industry also needed specialized drawing and technical planning tools in event technology to achieve their goals in a time-saving and efficient way. From the first AutoCAD plug-in AutoSTAGE was created to provide other users with a professional CAD drawing and scheduling application. The first official version of AutoSTAGE for a wider audience was released in 2007.

AutoSTAGE today

Today, in addition to the AutoSTAGE app as plug-in for AutoCAD®, a complete package based on the newest Autodesk AutoCAD® technology is available, which is AutoSTAGE 2022.


Currently AutoSTAGE is being developed and distributed by a dedicated team under the direction of Jens Mueller. He can draw on extensive experience from all areas of the production process for an exhibition, event or a trade show. Those are continuously incorporated into the development of AutoSTAGE together with a lot of good ideas, valuable suggestions and requests from the end user.


Milestones of AutoSTAGE


As a family-run company based in the countryside near Münster in the heart of Westphalia, we have short decision-making channels, committed employees and a helicopter look for the needs and wishes of our customers.

  • 1998 - 2002 - Studies at the University of Applied Sciences in the field of media technology resulting in a graduate degree in engineering
  • 2002 - Founding of mediaengineer - engineering office for CAD and technical planning
  • 2004 - Publication of the first edition of the Handbook of Lighting, this is now available in the 6th edition
  • 2007 - Release of the first official version of AutoSTAGE as a plug-in for AutoCAD®
  • 2014 - Release of the second and much more advanced version of AutoSTAGE
  • 2015 - Release of AutoSTAGE 2016, a complete package based on the Autodesk AutoCAD® technology. The plug-in for AutoCAD® becomes the AutoSTAGE App
  • 2017 - Foundation of the company AutoSTAGE GmbH
  • 2017 - Release of AutoSTAGE 2018
  • 2018 - Release of AutoSTAGE 2019
  • 2019 - Release of AutoSTAGE 2020
  • 2020 - Release of AutoSTAGE 2021
  • 2021 - Release of AutoSTAGE 2022