Licensing Methods

The modules of AutoSTAGE are activated through the licensing system. You can choose between a simple software key, the SoftKey, or a USB dongle, the FlexDongle.

FlexDongle - Maximum Flexibility

You will receive licenses from us that are stored in a license container. The license container is stored on a special USB dongle, the FlexDongle. The FlexDongle is independent of a specific installation on a terminal, so that it can be used on any number of workstations.

Therefore you can, for instance, install AutoSTAGE on many workstations, but work only where a FlexDongle is connected via the USB port.

The FlexDongle is available in 4 different designs (images in original size).






Compact Turquoise


Keyring + Cap

All licenses and activations are stored on the FlexDongle. If the FlexDongle is lost, it will be lost and can NOT be replaced by us.

The only exceptions are: 

  • Theft

         On presentation of a police report for a stolen FlexDongle, we will replace the FlexDongle including the licenses                  stored on it.

  • Faulty Hardware 

         The dongle does not get recognized after it gets plugged into the computer.


 The cost price for the hardware for the FlexDongle is at your expense. The cost of approx. 60 € (excl. shipping and tax) are manageable. Loading the replacement dongle with the agreed licenses is part of our service. 


SoftKey - Computer-bound Licensing

The SoftKey is a license container in which the individual license entries for activating the various modules of AutoSTAGE are stored.

The SoftKey license container is a computer-bound licensing procedure and therefore bound to the installation of Windows. For each new installation, hardware failure, change of the computer, or similar a new SoftKey license container must be at your expense. The costs for the SoftKey license container are manageable at just under € 30 (excl. tax).

The SoftKey should only be used if the configuration of the computer will NOT change over a longer period of time!