Network License

AutoSTAGE is available as a stand-alone and network license.

The stand-alone license stores a local license on the AutoSTAGE FlexDongle or AutoSTAGE SoftKey. The license can only be used on the workstation where the FlexDongle is plugged in or the SoftKey is available.

A network license allows the use of AutoSTAGE by different users in a local area network (LAN). The number of available network licenses determines the number of users who can use AutoSTAGE at the same time.

The AutoSTAGE FlexDongle or SoftKey license container is connected to a network server (alternatively and / or additionally to any workstation) in the network. From there, the licenses are distributed according to availability on request of the networked computers.


10 workstations and a FlexDongle with 3 AutoSTAGE network licenses to the central server are connected on a local network. AutoSTAGE is installed on all 10 workstations, but can only be used by a maximum of 3 workstations simultaneously. When the program starts, it requests an available license on the network and applies it, if successful. If there is no available license, the user can not work with the application.


Comparison of the Installations

The installation of the stand-alone and network license are executed with separate installation programs.

Stand-alone Installation

A stand-alone installation can only handle a FlexDongle connected to the computer with stand-alone license and / or network licenses.

A license request through the network does not take place. This will start the application faster than if requesting for a license through the network.

Network Installation

A network installation can process a FlexDongle connected to the computer with stand-alone and / or network licenses.

In addition the network installation also searches the entire network for a connected FlexDongle or SoftKey. If an available free license is found on the network, then it will be used by the started application on the computer.

Due to the network search for an available license, the start of the network installation may take much longer than the start of the stand-alone installation, in which only the license information is requested by the local computer.