Licensing Models

Our license models allow you maximum flexibility with many choices. It lets you use AutoSTAGE in a way that is best for you.

Subscription Service

With our service subscription, we offer you maximum flexibility when using our software. The service subscription works in a similar way to a mobile phone contract: we provide you with the use of our software and other related services for an agreed period. The cost for this would be a monthly flat rate.

The following services are available:

  • Subscription service for 1 month
  • Subscription service for 3 months
  • Subscription service for 6 months
  • Subscription service for 12 months
  • Subscription service for 24 months

All service offers from our side, such as automatic software updates for new versions or our premium service are always and automatically included in the service subscription. The service subscription is ideal for the power user who works often and extensively with CAD.

Billing for the service subscription takes place every three months or annually via invoicing. A 3% discount applies to annual invoicing. Payments can be made either by bank transfer or direct debit.

Advantages of the Subscription Service

  • There are no recurring costs for updates, you are always up to date.
  • Manageable monthly costs.
  • No tax depreciation! The costs go directly into the business expenses.
  • No high one-off costs for the acquisition of the software as oppose to the classic license.
  • Different terms are possible. This is, for example, a flexible use during project peaks or for short terms with limited costs.
  • You always and automatically receive all the benefits of our premium service.
  • Use as a network license is possible, the license is then distributed dynamically on demand in the network.
  • Discounts for longer contract periods.


Disadvantages of the Subscription Service

  • After the expiry of the agreed term, the function of the application ends. Further use is only possible by extending the service subscription.

Classic License

The classic license is the classic software purchase: you receive a license of our software for a fixed sum, which you can use for an unlimited period of time.

In the first year, you will receive our premium service for free. After this period you can (but not have to) book the premium service, for example, to continue to receive free updates and our expanded service offerings.

The classic license is ideal for the casual user who only occasionally needs to create a CAD drawing or produce technical planning.

Advantages of the Classic License

  • You can use the license for an unlimited period of time.

Disadvantages of the Classic License

  • In order to continue to receive the latest updates, the premium service needs be renewed for a further year at a charge.
  • Without updates, you will be working with outdated software after a period of time.
  • High one-off purchase cost.
  • The costs of the software must be written off for tax purposes. Under certain circumstances, this can lead to a tax disadvantage compared to the service subscription.
  • For use as a network license, an additional price premium must be paid, an inclusive use as the service subscription is not possible.


Free Educational License

We offer a free educational version of AutoSTAGE for all students and apprentices.