Why AutoSTAGE?

There are many good reasons for the use of AutoSTAGE , here is a small selection:

  • AutoSTAGE works with the DWG file format due to the AutoCAD® platform. The DWG file format is the world's most exchanged CAD file format. This ensures that almost any other CAD software can read the DWG format when shared with project partners.
  • AutoSTAGE is available in two versions. Either with AutoSTAGE 2020 as a complete package based on the latest Autodesk AutoCAD® OEM technology or as an app (or plug-in) for Autodesk AutoCAD® 2013 to 2020. However you choose, you will work with a professional CAD tool in the DWG world and have access to the many functions of AutoSTAGE.
  • With Analysis, you can create complex static calculations with just a few mouse clicks in a drawing. You will receive a comprehensive calculation report, which you can use as load acceptance or structural analysis report. 
  • By standardizing AutoSTAGE, even complex plans can be created very quickly and with simple procedures and commands. You save a lot of time in planning and drawing, you become more productive and gain significantly in efficiency.
  • Extensive modularization gives you exactly the symbols, tools, and functions you need for your job. You only pay for what you actually use.
  • AutoSTAGE achieves optimal planning results in the shortest possible time: All you have to do is insert the corresponding object or symbol from the AutoSTAGE Design Center into the drawing at the required position by double-clicking or drag-and-drop.
  • Using the properties window, further planning data can be entered and thus saved in the drawing. The drawing becomes the place where all planning data is stored centrally.
  • With a few mouse clicks extensive material and evaluation lists can be created and, for example, exported to Excel. It can be selected whether the whole drawing, only partial areas or individual layers are being evaluated.
  • As a customer and user of AutoSTAGE you always receive first-class support from us!
  • You can specify the design mode in the drawing. There is a 2D view for technical planning as well as a 3D view for visualizations and spatial representations available for use. Switching is very easy through change of perspective: 2D is displayed in the plan view, in all other room views the objects are displayed in 3D.
  • AutoSTAGE is constantly expanding and evolving. Your suggestions and requests are welcome and consistently incorporated into the software.
  • We offer you flexible license models ideal, for example, to handle your project peaks.