The Starter module accommodates everything that cannot be clearly assigned to the technical trades of light, audio, video, stage, trussing and rigging. In the STARTER Design Center you will find various symbols for equipment, furnishing or accessories which can also be used when planning an event or a trade show booth.

It also summarizes a lot of commands and features that are used to increase productivity when working with AutoCAD®. In addition, there are commands that work only with the symbols inserted through the Starter Design Center.

STARTER Design Center

Through the STARTER Design Center starter symbols can be inserted into the drawing by double-clicking or drag-and-drop:

A multitude of AutoSTAGE starter symbols store a 2D and 3D view. If the drawing is viewed in plan view, then a 2D symbol is displayed. For all other views, e.g. in isometry, a 3D icon is displayed:

Starter Features

Further descriptions of the individual features and functions of the Starter module are coming soon. Thank you for your patience.