Our customers include event technology service providers of all sizes, design specialist consultancies, event venues, theaters as well as trade show organizers and trade show companies. These have opted for AutoSTAGE for good reasons.

Show + Exhibition

The ROADSHOW company is a full service provider for event technology from Wiesbaden (Germany).

AutoSTAGE is an important part and trusted partner of ROADSHOW for the planning of national and international trade shows and events for many years. 

As one of the leading international textile trade show, MUNICHFABRICSTART opens the new season twice yearly with a vast selection of collections ranging from plains to haute couture fabrics and accessories. 

AutoSTAGE  is used during the show preparation for the efficient planning of booth and trade show area.

Event + Entertainment

Europa-Park is a leisure and theme park in Rust, Baden-Württemberg (Germany). With more than 5.6 million visitors in 2018, it is the most visited amusement park in german-speaking Europe.

Miss Germany Wahl 2019 in der Europa-Park Arena, geplant mit AutoSTAGE
Miss Germany Wahl 2019 in der Europa-Park Arena, geplant mit AutoSTAGE

In the division of entertainment, Europa-Park bundles competencies in the areas of shows, events and event technology. With over 23 hours of show program a day, Germany's largest amusement park surprises its visitors with always new show concepts at the highest level. Confertainment's corporate customers also like to call on the show professionals at Europa-Park, including the event technicians, to give their evening events a suitable setting.

From Our Clients

"As a freelance project manager, it is important for me to be able to work quickly and efficiently on several projects, even at the same time, even while traveling. This is possible with AutoSTAGE due to the comparatively low resource requirements. AutoSTAGE allows me to quickly and easily plan important information such as power requirements, patch information, material lists, weights, static loads, etc. immediately retrieve execution plans easily and even the light patch including coordinates directly as an import file for a Grand MA 2 to export. Working together with other trades such as architecture, trade show construction and local rigging works smoothly thanks to the numerous import and export options."

Gerrit Heidel
Freelance Project Manager, Chemnitz (Germany)

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